Which car company has the worst commercials right now?

As someone in the advertising business, I tend to take a closer look at commercials than others, then I proceed to critique the hell out of them. Especially automotive ads.

One can learn a lot about car manufacturers from their TV commercials. Like how Mercedes earnestly thinks its 2015 C-class isn't a pillow with an engine. Or how you'll probably meet B.B. King if you drive a Camry. But some are better at convincing me than others.

So this begs the question–who's doing the worst job of telling their story through their ads? I humbly nominate two:

Nominee #1–Nissan:
Nissan, the design of your commercials is awful. Red cars, white-washed everything else. Including the two main characters in this spot. Because your biggest group of buyers is definitely all-white.


This level of dumb isn't new for Nissan, though. Cf: Nissan's Ride of your Life, in which aluminum foil and the lack of a cage definitely fools people that Altima 3.5 SLs are becauseracecars.

Or their new holiday spot, where please-god-let-these-jumping-Sentras-attract-Millennial-buyers happens.

Nominee #2–Acura:
Really, Acura? Really? Anyone who drives a TLX will have sphincter-puckering thrills every time they drive the car with the second-least horsepower of all luxury compact sedans? The one with which Jalopnik declared Acura is committing suicide? Okay.

These are my nominees, so who are yours?

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