Sometimes you absolutely hate a car when it debuts. Maybe you don’t like the way it looks. Its specs. But possibly over time, you realize you’ve grown to like it. What cars are an example of this to you?

For me it would have to be the Honda Accord. When it debuted in 2012, I showed my dad, since he’s owned a couple Accords and Civics before. He immediately rejected it and said it looked bland. It kinda was the same for me.

Fast forward to March 2013, when we’re looking for a new car. My dad was about to take home a new Acura ILX when the stealership sold the car to someone else before my dad was going to sign the last bits of the paperwork. (perhaps another story for later?) Anyway, we needed to look for another car. I suggested the Mazda3, and not really knowing much, I also threw out a suggestion of the Accord, since…it looked affordable. Lo and behold, after a few test drives, we ended up with this guy. And no, not that Corolla, you inhumane soul. So how about you, Oppo?