Which car do you like, even though most people don't like it, because reasons?

I don’t know why, but I still like the pre-facelift 2nd-gen Scion tC. Specifically in this deep gray, or Nautical Blue Metallic.


As a brief recap for no one in particular, the Scion tC is basically a 2-door Camry liftback, available with a 6-speed manual or auto. Its looks wrote checks that the driving experience didn’t really sign. 180hp from an NA 4-banger ain’t bad, but in a hard-plastic container on a fairly large car, it is definitely not an enthusiast’s dark horse choice.

All that said, you do get some utility out of the thing. Mindless reliability, 8 airbags, middling fuel economy, usable cargo space for larger items in a pinch, and a driving experience as predictable as a the soul-crushing waking of a Monday morning. This is the kind of car you buy with high miles for peanuts while you wait to gather funds to buy something you’ll actually want long term.


What about you?

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