I was reading the Jalop post about your history in car colors. It made me ask myself which of my cars I miss the most, and would like to have back today. I assumed the answer would always be Sparlingo Celica. It was the car that sent me on the hunt that led me to the Sunchaser.

It was my first car, and I totaled it the day of my senior prom in a stupid accident that was my fault. But having the Sunchaser has taken care of that.

I realize the one I want back is the 1987 Acura Integra LS I drove in college. 4 door hatchback, 5 speed manual, leather interior, pop up headlights - it was a great car that never let me down even though I pushed it hard.

It was this color and looked like this before I beat on it for a few years.


It saved my life one night outside Colorado Springs in 1991, when a couple of rednecks called a friend and I “long hair hippie faggots” and chased us in their pickup. I lost them in some curves where they couldn’t keep up.

As a joke, a friend and I took it on a drag run on the late, lamented Brotherhood Raceway, as the people with actual racecars laughed at us. We beat a kid in a Ford Escort.


I drove it at high speeds on a dry lake bed, and drove it from LA to Vermont and back. It was fun, engaging, and durable. I even slept in a sleeping bag in the front seat waiting out an ice storm on the Raton Pass in Colorado. That car was a warrior.

But I want it as it was when I graduated from college, battle scarred and slapped with obnoxious bumper stickers. I was proud when I came home to visit and my parents’ neighbors asked that I not park that “thing” in front of the house. I could have a lot of fun with that car.


But I drove it into the ground, and finally the a/c was stuck on hot, the power windows were broken, headlights were floppy, and things were just falling apart. I got a chance at a deal on a 1989 Legend, so I dumped it for basically nothing. I bet some kid grabbed it and riced the shit out of it.

Is there one that you wish was in your driveway today?