I think we all have a car that we used to own that we speak fondly of, but if ever given the chance wouldn’t buy it again. We love the car, but hate it at the same time. For me it would be a Geo Metro. I drove one in high school, thankfully it had a stick, I can’t imagine how terrible automatic ones are. I speak fondly of it, but honestly I would never drive one today. I’d maybe buy one to use for rallycross/autocross, but that’s about it. It was good at 2 things: fuel economy and winter driving (surprisingly). Other than that it was exactly what it was, a cheap cheap car. It was a tin can on wheels. I’d never want to get in any sort of accident in one, things were always rattling, it was noisy at any decent rate of speed, and getting on the freeway meant squeezing every bit of power out of the engine to not get run over. This is not my car, but pretty much the same, but with a green hood and doors (yea it looked like a watermelon, i need to find some pictures of it).


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