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Which cars have the douchey-ist drivers? (Complete with my personal picks).

This goes off of the post regarding the Internets hatred of the Mustang, which apparently has become known for douhebag drivers. Heres a list of which ones I think are douchey-ist:

The Subaru WRX/STi. Hell the whole Subaru mod community has gone to shit honestly
Civic Si: made worse by the sedan because now the douchebags can drive crazy weaving though traffic with their families!
Focus ST: Even though its fairly new on the scene, owners are starting to get douchey like WRX owners. I feel the RS is only going to make things worse.
Dodge Challenger: Especially drivers with base and SXT trims. Seem to be doucheier than RT and SRT drives. Take note: aftermarket exhaust does not sound good on pre Pentastar V6's.
Chevy Camaro RS: I think the douchey-ness here stems from the fact that RS drivers tend to be younger than SS and Z/28 drivers.
Most lifted truck drivers: Needs no explanation, though IM LOOKING AT YOU RAPTOR DRIVERS!
Infiniti G37: Part of the problem here I think comes from how someone can easily get their hands on them for cheap, just like the Mustang.

Agree or disagree? Have any to add or did I miss any?

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