Volvo recently teased us with pictures of what seemed to be a new xc90, but it only turned out to be a new Swedish House Mafia song. This frustrated me because Volvo needs a new xc90, it's current one has been around for over ten years. When the xc90 was originally launched in 2002 it was a major hit, but since then sales have dwindled, and competitors have come out with much better alternatives.

Another car that badly need to be redone is the Gallardo, when it launched it was designed to go toe to toe with the 360. But since the Ferrari have come out with not only the 430, but the magnificent 458. And what have Lamborghini done since then to improve their Gallardo? They put on triangles, just a lot of triangles. So, what cars do you think most desperately need to be redone or die all together?