So your rich cousin feels so embarrassed for you always being late, because your turbo Miata is always breaking down, he’ll buy you a brand new car. Of course your limited to a compact or subcompact, because he doesn’t love you that much... YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID! So what will it be?

I’d pick the 2016 Civic. I test drove one with the 2L engine and CVT and loved it. The CVT and brake hold feature would be nice for navigating stupid and insane Houston traffic and drivers. Plus it probably gets better gas mileage than my Integra. Plus I could throw some mad coilovers on it for MOAR LOW since it’d be relived of DD duties.

But what would you chose Oppo?

(Remember, this isn’t a “Do it all car.” You’ll get to keep all the cars you currently have.)

Also if you NEED a truck you can talk your cousin in to it.