So the hunt for my grandpa’s next car is still going. The budget is around $1500. The less the better. As of right now, I’ve found three contenders and wonder what you think is the best: 1993 Buick Lesabre, 1996 Cadillac SLS, and a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis. Let’s meet them!

First is the oldest but cheapest: a 1993 Buick Lesabre with 102K miles for $950. Supposedly it runs great, the AC works, and the tires are like new. Paint and bodywork look decent as well. There are some cons though, mainly that its a 1993. We really didn’t want to go pre 1996 because of the lack of OBDII. It also was a northern car so rust is a concern. But being under $1k makes it tempting.

Next up is the 1996 Cadillac SLS. 102K miles and an asking price of $1500. Again it runs and drives, has working AC, and a really clean looking leather interior! Also, a landau top! One taillight is cracked, so I will need to fix that, and its an early 90s Northstar V8 which I’ve heard isn’t the best engine. But this is probably the most luxurious and closest to his last car (‘97 Continental)


Last is the car from my dealership: a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis. This has the highest price: $1900 out the door, and the most mileage at 168,000. Also needs new headlights. The pluses though include a clean Carfax showing it was a 1 owner Florida car. Also, being a Panther, parts are pretty easy to find. It is over his budget though.

What would be your pick, Oppo. I’m leaning towards the Cadillac.