No matter how much the modern world moves forward, Rolls Royce will always be untouchable when it comes to a full on assault on everyday opulence. I love the Inspired packages that were released for the Wraith. I love them so much in fact that I would honestly own all three current Inspirations just because I see them as being completely different occasions.

Which inspired Wraith would you want in your life?

What other Inspirations would you like to see offered?

Inspired by Music

Inspired by Fashion


Inspired by Film


As a composer, the answer is obviously going to be Inspired by Music for me. But as I stated earlier, I would definitely buy all three for and treat them completely differently. Inspired by Film for everyday use (daytime duties, business casual). Inspired by Music for special events (nighttime duties, formal wear). Inspired by Fashion to keep absolutely pristine and cared for as a home museum piece.


I would love to see an Inspired by Dance offered up, just to see what Rolls Royce would do to make these leviathans portray any form of lightness and motion at a standstill, and from inside the cabin at that!

I wish Rolls would make Bespoke and Inspired the two avenues of all their vehicles. Bespoke for customers that order their own models and Inspired in order to add predictability to the cars you can buy on a whim. I would love to see each Inspiration have subdivisions with specific artist and styles. Like you can ask for a Rolls Royce Dawn, Inspired by Fashion/Film: Audrey Hepburn. As with most arts and artists, you can use the same name across multiple mediums!


Leave Bespoke Program to customers that want the full gibbons, “Will you match the headliner to my baby’s custom pair of Louis Vuitton socks?”