Earlier this week I wrote something on Audi and their success within the last few years on their engine offerings. For everyday car buying choices, I felt like Audi had been doing a great job across their entire range, including the base 2.0 four cylinder turbo up to their thunder inducing 4.0 twin turbo V8 in the S8.

In the comments someone had the typical answer of Ferrari being on a bit of a hot streak too, which is undeniable but didn't come to my mind immediately. The 458 V8 is great. I haven't driven it, but I've raced one on the highway while in a 997S and was treated to a nice soundtrack while looking at those three horizontally placed pipes, and can assure you it's wicked fast. The new 6.5 V12 in the FF, F12 and soon to be in the LaFerrari (I kick myself every time I have to say that damn name) is certifiably mental. Clarkson thinks the F12 is too powerful, Motor Trend says the car can't put all it's power down, and we're yet to hear what Chris Harris thinks, if we ever will. LaFerrari should be interesting, even though I think it looks terrible and frankly I can't think of Ferrari in a good light ever since the truth came out in Chris Harris's article. Alright, enough.


So, BMW? BMW has always been known for their inline sixes, natural aspiration and for being the luxury-performance benchmark. That era ended in 2007 or so. Many could argue sooner but I'll just give it a ballpark. The current F10 5 series driving experience is the equivalent of swimming in lukewarm mayonnaise. The last (E90) M3 was heavy. And now, the M5 is a twin turbo V8 after we had the screaming V10 in the E60. But, we're hearing only good things about the upcoming M3/M4 brothers, the i8 is supposed to be good, especially the turbocharged 3 cylinder they have in there. And with the launch of the 'i' sub-brand, we see BMW moving ahead into more eco friendly engineering ahead of their competitors, to possibly have a leg up in performance and the market as a whole? It's all speculation at this point. All I do know is that BMW driving dynamics might not be living up to the 'Ultimate Driving Machine' motto that once was standard, but the engines are performing greatly. I think the enthusiast community as a whole is greatly anticipating the M3/M4.

I know there are many other brands that would be worth noting, but these were the first that came to mind. I wanted to mention BMW a) to piss people off because I know I'm wrong and b) I wanted to say Porsche but I don't want to get too Porsche heavy quite yet.


So opp0, am I right, wrong, senile, or just spot on? I hope it's none of those.