My MR2 still has a number of non-critical mechanical issues that I could fix. With little experience wrenching, what can I reasonably expect to fix? The problems are as follows:

  • Shocks are pretty dead. Rubber suspension bushings are rock solid and cracking. Calling the ride “bouncy” would be an understatement.
  • Front suspension could use a full rebuild. Previous owner made questionable repairs that prevent the car from being aligned properly. The car pulls a little to the right under harder braking, noticeable but not dangerous at this time. Overall alignment is 9/10. I’ve decided I have to rebuild the front end before I can do any sort of engine swap or track duty, for safety’s sake.
  • Trim around the windows is cracking and/or repaired with some kind of glue that clearly wasn’t meant for it. No leaks but it looks ugly.
  • Missing a center cap for one of the wheels (see above picture.) I guess I could order one and try to fit it.
  • The current wheel/tire package doesn’t offer much grip. I could install better wheels and tires to attempt to remedy that.
  • Missing 3 out of 4 fender liners. I can either order new ones, if they exist, and install them, or remove the last one to make things match and reduce weight. Never really found the lack of lining to be a problem from an NVH standpoint though.


I have a floor jack, access to four jackstands (not that I want to use them all at once) and a torque wrench, among other tools. I’m doing my best to keep the “parts budget” as low as possible, but I’d prefer to get the right parts for the car rather than the cheapest.