Anything from Vorshlag is best Mustang. I’m getting ready to begin some slightly more aggressive modifications to the suspension of my 09 GT in preparation to compete next season in my regional SCCA Solo group. I’ve been autocrossing for ~5 years, not consistently throughout a season, and next year I want to begin competing for points. If anybody is interested, I’ll be competing in SM however, I may pull the cams out in favor of the stock cams to at least put me back in ESP; that SM multiplier is a bitch.

So here’s a question for you fellow live-axle autocrossers: What camber/caster/toe settings do you prefer? After poking around the interwebs, reading forum posts by Vorshlag, and looking at, I’m thinking about -3 degrees/+6-7 degrees/o degrees. 0 degrees on toe because currently with 285 R1S tires all the way around, I’m pretty happy with turn in on the car and I don’t know if I want to fight the steering wheel so much on breaking. Thoughts? Opinions? Am I complete idiot?