I’ve made it known I love large luxury cars on the cheap. At the same time though, Im not going to drive around in something I got a good deal on if it has 150 thousand+ miles on it. I’m not that stupid. All 5 of the following sedans are my favorite though, and each have their own unfortunate downsides. Which do you guys think though is the best?

W221 S Class

Made from 06-13, I personally think this is one of if not the best gen of S Class as it debuted a lot of tech that competitors started to follow. Used they can be cheap. Ive seen them in the teens. But thats if you’re willing to put up with 100 thousand miles. A main expensive issue with these I’ve read is the air suspension.

D3 Audi A8


The second gen of the A8, the D3 was made from 03-09. I’ve personally tried to stay as far away from these as possible due to the myriad of problems they are known to have, from electrical to mechanical.It shows in the pricing on the used market too. Many 04-05 models can be had under 10 grand if you look hard enough. The cherry on top of that expensive cake is the aluminum body, which can be life changing expensive.

Hyundia Equus


This one is currently on my short list of my next cars. Made from 11 right up until about 15' when the Genesis brand came and turned it into the G90. Rumored to be just as reliable as an LS, I’ve never heard a bad thing about them. Yet. Digging around the forums owners love them. And you get a lot of luxury for your money. Used, Ive never seen one lower than 14 grand. Low mileage Ultimate trim models can be had in the mid 20's though most sit at about 15-18 grand.

Lexus LS460


The benchmark that put the Germans on notice in the early 90's, the 460, known internally in this gen as XF40, is still currently on sale but on its way out. Ive never heard anything wrong with these either because they are literally bulletproof. They hold their value well too and owners drive them into the ground. Ive seen example with 140 thousand miles and still asking 14 grand. The downside to these is the aforementioned high mileage, which seems to be what the bulk of them on the used market are. Low mileage examples still command in the mid 20's.

F01 7 Series


I have a love hate relationship with the F01 and I have asked about it on here before. I think its handsome, love that its full of gadgets and is huge. The downside is that from what you guys have said, they are crap. The 4.4 V8 being the main piece of garbage along with exotic car repair costs which I still dont get. Used these can be tempting because they can be had for the low teens, though Ive never seen one under 17 grand.

Honorable mentions:

Lexus LS600HL


This was a rolling tech bed. Lexus touted it as V12 power and performance with V6 fuel economy. Though fuel economy improvements over the 460 were negligible ( I believe you gained 1 mpg in both city and highway for like a 20 grand price difference). Luxuriously appointed, it was a limousine and had trick triple eyed headlights that I can only image can cost a whole limb to replace. Good luck finding one though. I found 3 within 100 miles of me. And they hold their value. The cheapest I found still wanted 23 grand for an example with nearly 110 thousand miles.

Kia K900


Pretty much Kia’s version of the Equus/G90. The main difference is that these come with a base V6 you cant get on the G90. They’ve been on the market since 15' so price wise on these they seem to be holding their value. Ive never seen one under 25 grand. Deals on them new can be pretty good from what I’ve heard. But good luck getting a Kia dealer to even let you look at one.

So which of these do you guys think would be great used buys?