I’ve had a long and suspicious vehicle history for someone who claims to be an enthusiast. Lots of beige family sedans, almost no performance versions of the few desirable cars that I have owned, and the like. And like anyone, there’s a few of my vehicles that I’ve liked more than others.

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For reasons I can’t adequately explain, I’ve owned two 5-door Chevy Sprints. Both were silver, and both were manuals. They were tiny and they were slow. I loved them. There was just something so honest about them and at city speeds they were even fun. Most of these little runts have disappeared by now, which bums me out. I’d have a hard time saying no if I found one in working order. Especially if it were blue like the one in the picture. Plus, it would be fun to try to swap in the turbo engine, assuming you could still find one.

Which of your former vehicles would you like to get another crack at?

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