My first car was a 1980 244 in cafe au lait and toffee interior, so bricks tug at my heartstrings whenever I see them, and especially when they are oozing pure madness like these are...but, which one would I chose?

No question, I'd have to take the green 242. Love that it's got a big-boy B230F redblock with what I imagine is a crap ton of boost being hosed into it. Whatever sleeper advantage a 242 has left is being maximized by a car like this. Oh and seats with excellent comfort. WERD.

Close second would be the white 142 with the blower because why not. Also it's a Rover 4.7 swap instead of the comparatively uninteresting LSx. Bonus points because it looks totally badass.

Distant third to the chopped orange 242. It's just extroverted for my taste, but it's still plenty awesome.