So, say you were getting a car, and you're offered 3 mint, unsold, unused cars. Which one would you go for?
1: V10 TDi VW Touareg

The granddaddy of the Twin turbo lux family rocket. Designed to chug gas, and pull planes. Under the hood is a 4.9L (or 5.0, like ford's V8) Twin turbocharged V10, pushing out 310 ponies, and 555ft-lb of torque.
2: Audi Q7 V12 TDi

What's better than a Twin turbo diesel V10? why a twin turbo diesel V12, of course!
This ship has 490 horses and 740ft-lb of torque under it's nose. Yeah, these numbers shame the old 'Reg, but it is about 900lbs heavier as well...
3: BMW X5 M50d


But Bavaria's best is in here as well! This is the newly released Tri-Turbo X5! no, it's not a V8, it's "only" a "lowly" inline 6. Still, it gives this tank 380hp. torque figure isn't given on website, but since the 230hp version makes 630ft-lb, I think it's safe to assume it's in the low-mid 800's.
so, which one would you guys have?
I'd get the Touareg, even though it's the weakest. I love it's looks (it's really masculine in my opinion) and it was sold in almost every market, unlike the latter 2! plus, gotta love old school air suspension, like that in the Uber-reliable Audi Allroad, amiright?