While perusing the random internets I stumbled upon this ad from the local public auto auction, and of course my first thought was to share it with all of you because there is at least one person on here that probably wants this thing.

This is a 1993 BMW 525i Wagon. It has a clean title and 205,531 miles on it. It’s 6-cylinder engine puts out an advertised 189 horsepower to the rear wheels. It has a period luxury interior and the wagon allows for plenty of storage or room for activities.

From the pictures, this car looks like it is held together by several nuts and bolts as well as duct tape and plenty of rust. But really, how bad could it be?


That straight 6 engine looks pretty good. It looks like it might start, or be an untraceable little tick that prevents everything from working.

That wood grain though. Pure early 1990's luxury. Everything looks like it needs help, but it is not so far gone that it needs to be fixed before it can be used. At least it looks that way until the bio lab results come back.


The rear bumper is cracked and the 3rd brake light seems to be held in with duct tape. That should be fine, parts are easy to get right?


So this auction is currently asking for a $500 minimum bid. For grins and giggles, what would your bid be?

Although, it is high mileage, worn, and questionably reliable BMW... sounds like the perfect piece for a Wichita area man’s car collection...