If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Which one Oppo?

With my bank account recovering from paying off LASIK, I’m again turning my attention towards a second car. Especially with summer coming around, I’m looking for something fun to just blast around in and maybe commute a day or two in. Been looking at MR2s for awhile, and this one has been on CL for a couple months. I looked past it a couple times, but I’m coming back to it. Seems like a clean, sorted model, just a little on the high end of the price range? 1989 MR2.

At the same time, I came across this 91 Stealth RT. At $4k it seems intriguing, though I’d imagine it’d be an absolute headache maintenance-wise, esp compared to the MR2. 91 Stealth



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