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Which Oppo Like Best?

Advance Flatout NSX

C30A base, Toda Racing high compression pistons (3,110cc), Toda Racing high lift camshafts, Toda Racing adjustable cam pulleys, Advance Original 6-throttle setup, Flatout big capacity oil pan, Flatout collector tank, Flatout aluminium crank pulley, Flatout aluminium radiator, Flatout one-off oil cooler, FGK stainless steel exhaust manifolds, Flatout super metal catalizer, Flatout titanium GT exhaust system


Global Auto’s Skyline GT-R

Nur engine base, HKS oil pump, HKS Step 3 2.8L stroker kit, HKS counterbalanced billet crank, HKS H-section connecting rods, HKS forged pistons, HKS metal head gasket, HKS V-Cam Pro, HKS head system, fully polished and ported head, Trust exhaust manifold, Trust T88-33D turbocharger, Trust external wastegate, Trust front pipe, Global Auto titanium exhaust system, Auto Select custom titanium intake pipe, HKS Super Power Flow filter, Auto Select custom titanium piping kit, Trust large core intercooler, Trust intake plenum, Bosh 044 Motorsport external fuel pumps x2, Auto Select collector tank, braided fuel lines throughout, Sard FRP, HKS billet fuel rail, HKS 1000 cc/min injectors, Auto Select carbon radiator shroud, ARC Prestege-R side-flow aluminium radiator, ARC Air-Separator tank, Custom two-stage oil separator system, HKS oil cooler, HKS F-Con V Pro ECU


JDM Legends RX-7

Original JDM 12a turbo engine; HKS Super Power Flow air intake; custom built 3″ stainless steel exhaust



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