Which Performance Sedan/Wagons Depreciate The Least?

Which performance sedan/wagons depreciate the least?

I’ve been searching mobile.de (Germany’s Autotrader) for used performance oriented cars lately. A real sports car is not in the mix because a need to haul my surf board or/and my mountainbikes around a lot of the time*. On top I want a smooth ride on long stretches.

I found that Audi’s S/RS-models seem to be hit hardest by depreciation (Audi S4 B6, Audi RS6 C5). The C32 and C55 and other Mercedes AMGs (except S-Class and CLK of course) hold value pretty well, but BMW M’s are even more expensive. At least here in Germany.


Budget is of course tight and will be forever, cause I keep a) maintanance in mind and b) don’t want to spend to much money on the car so I can still afford travelling, fuel, nice food, good furniture and probably a high maintance lady (aren’t they all?).

What’s your take on this? What car would you choose? You are not limited to one car, but let’s keep the budget under 10k and none of the cars should need to much wrenching (to run, optics aside) in the first place.

Edit: preferred solution at the moment is having to or three cars. A S500/S600 with LPG conversion for the long stretches, a hot hatch like the BMW 325ti compact for DD and some additional fun. Roadster duties will be carried out by a Toyota MR-2 W3.

*found no roof rack for neither a Alfa Romeo Brera nor a Chrysler Crossfire. (Don’t start to hate, I love that Art Deco touch the Crossfire has.) Mercedes CL 500 (C215) and BMW 645 (E63) the same.


By Jeremy from Sydney, Australia - 2004 Chrysler Crossfire ZH, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=41415145


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