Daddy/daughter week continues. Yesterday was “mommy and me”, and we got there a few minutes late. Made slightly later by my kiddo wanting to walk on her own. Daddy also had no idea where TF to go, we (I) almost decided to ditch! She knew where to go eventually. Car content: Saw a new Porsche Speedster in some sort of flat grey on the way! I’ll have to pull a pic off my dash cam.

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After school we we’re walking to the car and talking when she noticed a few kids gravitating toward a puddle as their parents pulled them away. Some of you may think of this as just a standard occurrence, but for me it was a pivotal moment in time. What do I do?


“I’m inclined to let this little girl play in that puddle if she wants.” I thought as I squatted down next to her and said, “What’s that you’re looking at?” “Puddle.” she said sweetly. We wandered over to it and she stepped toward the edge of the puddle slowly, looking up to me for approval with the same smile that I smile when I’m about to do something bad. “Go ahead.” I said.

Anyone driving by for the next 15 minutes probably got a good laugh. We were soaked up to our knees. I had a change of clothes for the munchkin in the Alltrack, but dad had to ride home wet. As I’m buckling her in, she smiles at me and screams “HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!”. Can’t beat that.

So what say you oppo? I’m not saying you let your kids play in every puddle, but sometimes ya gotta.

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