I figure I might as well post the question here in my search for where exactly I will end up in Auto-x this year. I do not care how competitive I will be, I just want to make sure that I register in the correct class. My car is a 2001 Miata that I ran in ES class last year. Of course with a bone stock car and all-season tires, I could only improve so much. Anyways, here are the relevant mods which I know based on the rulebook (I have read the whole thing) knock me out of ES:

  • 15x8 wheels with ~240 TW summer tires
  • Flyin Miata Vmaxx Coilovers

Everything else is stock. My only other plans for mods would be Front/Rear Sway bars and End Links. So I am just curious if you guys know what class I would end up in currently. Again, I am just there to have fun and provide a safe way to push my car to it’s limits. Now here is a list of the classes based on my research that I am unsure about:

  • ESP (might be seriously outclassed here lol)
  • STR (or one of the other Street Touring categories?)
  • Something else?


Also, just registered for my first event of the season on April 3rd! I tentatively put in STR but I can always correct that day of or whatever. I will be at the Blue Ridge Region Event Number 2 in Verona, VA!