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Im sure that no one would have guessed that the Mirage G4 would be the sole sedan survivor for Mitsubishi. Jeep, GMC, Ram, and Land Rover offer zero sedans and couldn’t be happier. Ford and Lincoln turn into single sedan brands they offer any at all. If the CT4 doesn’t make to production then Chevy, Buick, and Cadillac may be zero to one sedan brands as well. Subaru and Mazda could survive off one sedan. Dodge is a one sedan brand and Chrysler will probably be zero sedans. No one is asking Fiat or Mini for a trunk.


But in complete contrast, Kia essentially offers 5 sedans plus a liftback and currently only 2 of their “utility vehicles” offer AWD. Then Tesla has a sedan with trunks at both ends! So which 4-doors will be around in 3 years and who will be providing them? Will any be turned into liftbacks?

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