Which wheels for my FiST?

I have it down to these 2 wheels. They’ll be wrapped in some sticky 205/45/16 Federal 595RS-Rs (21.4 lbs each)

The stock 17" setup weighs 41.5 lbs (Wheels 22.5lbs + Bridgestone RE050A 19 lbs).

16x7 Rota Slipstreams - 14.3lbs - would be 35.7lbs per - weight savings of 5.8lbs (14%). This guy is running something like 225/45/16s


16x7.5 Sport Edition SE-17s - 18lbs - would be 39.4lbs per - weight savings of 2.1lbs (2.8%)


My car is Molten Orange, and not lowered (like the last picture). I may do a track day, but who knows. I do plan on some nice back road drives - and we are planning to honeymoon in the Smoky Mountains, with a trip over to Deal’s Gap as part of some sight-seeing bullshit day trip I’m using simply to get a nice pic from Killboy :) All of the roads should be a lot of fun.

I like the Rotas because they’re nice and light, but I like the SE-17s as I think they look better. I’m not setting records in this car, but there is a part of me saying OMG LIGHTNESS. The SE-17s are about $150 cheaper for the set, and since I like how they look more than the Rotas, I’m leaning towards those.


I also considered the Sparco Assetto Garas (16x7, 17lbs), but I like the 5 spoke look more


Bolt pattern is 4x108, which eliminates a lot of good choices. Feel free to suggest something else

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