It occurs to me that my current DD won't last forever. And I've started thinking about what to get if/when the Galant bites the dust.

What about an older luxury coupe? Something comfy that's taken a nice depreciation hit. My "fun" car is complicated and German, so I might want to balance that out with something more sedate and Japanese.

Keep in mind, I don't need a track car that will blow the doors off an M3. I need a commuter car. Something that will get decent gas mileage, not require too much costly maintenance, and get me to and from work in comfort and, if possible, style.

I present to you the following choices. Yes, they're both automatics and beige, and I'm A-OK with that.

Option #1 - 2003 Acura 3.2CL. 89,106 miles. $7,295.


Option #2 - 2000 Lexus SC300. 82,471 miles. $5,995.