Today we have two classic luxury machines. While both need work they are very salvageable beasts. There are some very good deals to find with a four door. And what we are really doing is putting features against each other; Suicide doors vs. Fins.

First up is a 1960 Cadillac Sedan priced at $5,000. While it claims to be a solid car, it needs cosmetic and mechanical work to be great again. That being said all the electrics claim to work and there is new upholstery.

Second option is a 1969 Lincoln Continental priced at $4,800. While it is not my preferred 1962-64 era it is still a very cool machine. It has suicide doors. It does have a normal CL description though, or in other words, just about zero about the car. All we know is it needs "tlc". But seriously, suicide doors.