Today we have two of the high class competitors of the 50's; Lincoln and Cadillac. These coupes with their large fins and beautiful interiors will catch the attention from anyone one the road, just as long as you fix them up nice.

First up is a 1957 Cadillac Coupe DeVille priced at $6,500. This one has been striped for paint so we dont get too see what it looked like before. No mention of rust though, a total wild card here. Also, the seller claims that all the parts were removed for paint and are all their.

Second up is a 1957 Lincoln Premier priced at $7,500. Actually looks to be a real nice car. Stated to be a rust free California car. And too be honest , doesnt look to need a ton of work. The interior needs a little fixing up, but its the mechanics are the question mark.