Today we have two late 50's coupes. Rare, late 50's coupes. Both are in real rough condition. And while the list price may be low, getting these cars to be perfect may be harder than one would expect.

The first option is a 1957 Ford Skyliner priced at $4,500. While it is very rough around the edges it looks to be a real solid car. And it has a retractable hard top, in the 50's, I had no clue they had those back then. Even though it looks to be a solid car it is missing a ton of parts and some glass.

Option two is a 1958 Buick Special priced at $4,000. While not a Cadillac it still wears the pink pretty well. It is no where near a perfect car, but it claims to come with all the trim, which is a plus. That being said rust has attacked it, the seller says some rust spots and the drivers side floor needs to be looked at.