We are going 45-ish minutes out of town to a cabin by the lake this weekend. My wife’s aunt and uncle have a pontoon boat and they’re bringing that, so we are going to spend the day Saturday on the lake and the night at the cabin. I want to drive the Sunbird, just for shits and giggles.

But, I’m scared of overloading it with my wife and I and our two-year-old and the various crap required for an overnight stay with a toddler. And of course, there’s my general anxiety about the Sunbird breaking down.

I can either risk it and rock the ‘Bird and utilize its somehow freakishly cold A/C, or I can chicken out and take my 6.


Thoughts? The drive there will be all two-lane roads with maximum speeds of 55-60. No interstates or anything like that.

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