Inspired by this post about the values of old German cars (the 190E, specifically), I just looked on the same CL home page (for cars + trucks by owner) and found these two “old” German cars. Quite different, yet the price is nearly the same.

5-speed ‘88 325i, looks well sorted, but asking $9,800 for 162,000 miles of 30 year old car. I think you’ve been looking at E30 M3 collector values.


‘05 Cayenne with 93,500 miles for $9950? I kept waiting for the “salvage title” or “just needs CEL cleared” or something. But no... seems clean.

I think the E30 is overpriced. But is the Cayenne underpriced? Or are they really only worth $10k. If that’s the case, as much as I would rather drive the E30, the Porsche seems like a smoking deal at that price. Or is it going to be the next Audi Allroad of used cars?

Which would you have?

And don’t tell me all the OTHER ways you’d spend $10k. Because I can think of plenty on my own.