Which Would You Rather?

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few weeks you already know that there are to huge new frogs coming to the Mid-size truck pond in 2020. The Jeep Gladiator and the Rivian RT1.

Other than their segment, these two trucks were designed with entirely different ideas in mind. The Jeep staying old school, with a BOF design, and straight axles front and rear, it’s also available with a manual transmission, and a diesel engine although the two are mutually exclusive.


The Rivian is a full electric built on a “skateboard” platform, which I believe is the logical future for automotive design. It is meant to be a real pick of the future.

Their price ranges could over lap. with the Gladiator ranging from 35-60k, and the RT1 50-70k. The Jeep wins in towing capacity by about 2500lbs, and the Rivian wins in max payload by about 150 lbs. another thing they have some what in common is the ability to lock the axles... kinda of. while the Jeep actually can have locking axles, the RT1's 4 individual motors can act as tho they are lock too each other. Another thing they have in common is being built here in the USA. The Rivian is being built in Ohio Illinois in an old Mitsubishi plant.

Their interiors couldn’t be more different. The Jeep’s is almost a carry over from the JLU, with a bit more rear leg room. It tries to ride the fence between old school, and new. Compared to the Rivian it’s busy. The Rivian has SCREENS.


Both trucks boast unique features, of coarse the Jeep has a removable top, easily its most definable feature. Nothing else available in the US market give you a truck bed, and a convertible. The Rivain being all electric has a frunk, and a neat rear pass tru, its also has a tailgate that folds down completely to get out of the way.

No doubt they are both game changers, but which one would you rather have?

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