One has got to love depreciation. For many of us enthusiasts it's the only way to get our filthy, dirty hands on some fantastic vehicles that normally would be out of our league. The downside? Maintenance and running costs. You know, like the saying that there's nothing more expensive than a cheap Mercedes.

What if one would have saved up some nice amount of money, enough to buy a well optioned 911, but decided to go a bit more extravagant and classy? How about twice as many cylinders and the engine in the - dare I say - right place?

One of the cars that immediately crosses my mind is the Aston Martin V12 Vantage. Is embodies Power, Beauty and Soul, and I would call it the most beautiful modern Aston Martin. Yes, even better than the DB9 and all its offspring. Just look at those hips - wonderful.


This particular vehicle is offered for 79.000€, or about 10 thousand Euros less than the entry level 991 Carrera without any option box ticked. It makes the Aston sound reasonable, doesn't it?

The photographs show good paint and an overall good condition. What is very tempting is the fact the it's the later, updated V12 S model that produces 528 hp. That's quite a lot, but not outrageous anymore. The engine is mated to a manual gearbox which really rare with the V12 S models, and I just think it fits the car's character as a powerful GT cruiser perfectly. The only downside I see is the interior. Sure, it's not your average Golf, but it looks dated by ten years, and the seats show quite a bit of wear for a car that ran for only 41000 kilometres in eight years.


If British elegance is just a bit too unspectacular, a Ferrari 599GTB might be a good alternative as they start in the same price range.


The car I chose for the comparison is a black 2006 599, equipped with ceramic brakes and with the F1 gearbox. Not the best choice, but finding a manual 599 is nearly impossible. Once again the car looks very very well taken care of, and the brown interior looks much more modern and inviting than the Astons cabin. The Ferrari in general is the more modern package, and it's Enzo-derived six litre V12 produces roughly 100 more horsepower than the Vanquish. Is that enough to win your heart? Vote for the car you would rather have in your garage in the poll below, and if you wish, leave a comment why.