Which Would You Rather: Stupid Fast, Stupid Expensive SUVs Edition

Saw both of these two today, the blue one was at the country club near my work and the black one was at the country club near my house. God, that makes me sound a hell of a lot richer than I am. Nevertheless, these are two vehicles I absolutely adore, but I’m aware that many of you loath. I can’t pick a favorite; all I can say is that I’d definitely prefer either of these two over a Cayenne Turbo or whatever that Jeep with a Hellcat engine is called.


Coming in at a base price of just over $110,000 and running a 550hp supercharged V8, it’s the Range Rover Sport SVR!

And now, the Russian oligarch’s favorite, costing almost exactly twice as much at $220,000 and packing an absurdly colossal 6.0 biturbo V12 making 621 horsepower and an almost unfathomable 738lb-ft of torque, we’ve got the Mercedes-AMG G65..erm...AMG. Benz. Or something like that. Either way, it’s badass.


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