I just want to get this off my chest.

There. That’s the Porsche I’ve been trying to get off my chest (I’m curious as to how the GT1 would look like with a 991 GT3-R front end. I dare you keep the photo quality the same.). That done, here I go:

Remember when the Adult Jesus flipped tables in a Temple because he’s too damn pissed off at blokes doing business in a place of worship aka Jesus’ Headquarters? Pretty sure he’s gonna flip some more with all the shit he might just see.


Seeing that many of us aren’t really doing what he recommends us to do would make his head shake in disappointment, but this?! Yeah, just give him a whip and GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! See those blokes in burkas toting AK’s, riding ‘Yotas and basically spreading doom to people who have no business being in the receiving end of it, all in the name of Allah and some convoluted, rubbish, foolish interpretation of “Holy War” (and every other bit of the Koran in general)? Yeah, well, this guy and their kind are in the same level.


That, or Jesus would do something else entirely.