As I mentioned fiancee is away so the mice will play. And by play I mean do stupid car things.

Things like trying to wake up at 4am on a saturday so we could drive 20 miles to a ferry, take said ferry while the sun rises and then drive back. Why? I don't know. I like ferries.

We weren't successful at getting up at 4, but the cat deciding it wanted out woke me at 5:30. Quick check out my window meant the sun was already somewhat up! (Official sunrise was supposed to be at about 5:34 today).

Aight let's get going!

First thing I noticed was traffic: There was more than I was expecting. That's what you get for sleeping in I guess. I am above the Ottawa River here:


Near the airport. Here is Rockcliffe Airport.

I had to stop here to put my drivers side window crank back on. It likes to fall off for unknown reasons. We are driving my 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier.


After a brief stop at Mcdonald's (Mcdonalds breakfast is delicious and I hate you if you say otherwise) I made it to the Cumberland-Masson Angers Ferry! On the other side of the river is the mighty province of Quebec. This side is Onterrible. Uh I mean Ontario.


Here's some pics from our ride which cost $9.

As you can see I wasn't the only one on the ferry. It looked like these guys ran a booming business based on the amount of traffic they had at 6:30 am saturday morning! They actually run the ferry 24/7/365 and have their own icebreakers for the winter. Impressive. Most other ferries in the Ottawa area run April-October due to all the ice we get.


After I got to the other side I drove through some really rough Quebec roads, got on highway 50 East Bound, and then took the Macdonald Cartier Bridge back over to Ontario.


Here is the map of the route. (edit: screw you google maps..)

Anyways, good way to start the day.