...I've been rocking my dad's Alfa 156 SW with one of these :) Alfa I5 Turbodiesel.

First diesel I've driven on the road and I can see why people like them. Effortless acceleration up to normal driving speeds. However, as with all TD engines in stock format it falls a little flat as the revs climb. A remap would sort that out very nicely though (my friend's Peugeot 406 Coupe TD pulls cleanly to redline making power all the way).

However, by far and away the best thing about it is the hint of 5-cylinder warble. If you push it past 2500rpm you get an echo of Audi Quattro rally car. It's a diesel with character!

So, I've hatched a plan:

1. Take one 2.4l JTD inline 5

2. Remap to ~210bhp/300lb-ft

3. Affix a straight pipe past the turbo to release a little more rally-noise (like the little 500 Abarth, turbos will be all the silencing it needs)


4. Mount longitudinally in an Alfetta GTV shell

5. ???

6. Profit rolling around in a warbling I5 TD RWD Alfa GT-JTD pulling ~5s 0-60s and getting between 35 and 55mpg :)


What do you reckon?