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I have seen in person only one manual E61. It has been an extreme pipe dream of owning one in this lovely blue. Seeing one a BaT reminded me of all the things I will never get to own. Even the E91 is beyond my reach.

Illustration for article titled [whistful sigh]

Now, we can point out all the obvious, expensive flaws in someone of my hummmm *composure* owning a vehicle like this. For starters, I can’t afford it. Further, I certainly couldn’t maintain it. Furtherererrrrr, I would prefer the N/A straight-6 so I’d have (allegedly) less problems... Also I barely drive, so what would be the point, blah blah blah... Which is also my TLDR: blah.

Plus if I had the money, I’d probably choose to knock out my student loans instead. Or fix the house. Or invest. Pretty much anything other than a car. Except for a Camry SE V6 Coupe.

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