Clean but not tidy.
Clean but not tidy.

This is the first white car I’ve owned*, and it’ll be the last! What a pain in the butt to keep looking good. Yes, general road grime doesn’t show as bad as it does on a dark car, but practically every single thing that sticks well enough to a car that you need claybar, solvent, or cutting compound to get it off is goddamn black. Tar, rubber, bug fragments, you name it. Plus half the damn exterior’s black plastic under the paint.


It’s only been a few months since I last detailed it, it hasn’t been near a track in the meantime, and it’s been washed regularly. But already it looks like it’s been too close to an explosion in a pepper factory. I only had to do the Golf and the Jag (both black) every year or two.


*that I’ve cared enough about to keep clean.

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