White Claw + Plasti-Dip =

The TDI got some Gambler markings!! This time I did it in Plasti-Dip so the paint doesn’t get ruined like the Ranger’s did. I even maintained the silver trim!


No updates as of yet on the limp mode. My savings and checking are being drained by the stupid wage garnishment and I have to keep the garnishment until March at the earliest.

I did learn that the car will actually exceed 3k RPM and even redline, it just takes a while to get there. Me thinks it’s an underboost problem but we’ll see. For now the car has been a wonderful daily. It gets about 40 mpg on the highway, 30s around town. I’ve driven it almost 3,000 miles already!


Meanwhile, other updates:

- Mom has been playing dirty with her party, now trying to say it’s a birthday, ain’t care.


- Things are going swell with the new girlfriend. Looks like I may be teaching her how to drive soon!

- The house will likely be foreclosing soon. The lender has already expressed interest in coming after me and leaving my mom alone. Great... I’ve also been told that I make far too much money and have too few expenses for a Chapter 7, so should everything hit the fan I’ll have to file a Chapter 13. Doubly great.

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