Does a mullet make a man?

Craigslist is a fickle beast. After months of failing to sell the Camaro and taking it down for a few weeks, I relisted it, with fresh pics and $500 off and it went in under 12 hours. Spring weather opens up peoples wallets I guess!

Malaise era is best era.

The hunt for a replacement already began a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t until I saw the ‘maro drive off for the last time that I properly reflected on my malaise-era muscle car experience. It was noisy, brash, slow, wheezy engined and rattly as hell, but that car definitely had character. Every journey was special, every destination made was an achievement. She never left me stranded, but I guess the wobbly gauges were enough to keep me on my toes.

Rally North America OV700 Start Line, Mackinaw City MI

Not sure how much I will really miss that car (I denfinitely won’t miss having to spend money on winter storage), but I’m so glad of the memories of it from the summer, on Rally North America, and generally tooling around in such a ridiculous piece of 80s GM quality.

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