Matt's post on the FP with a pic of a couple Top Gear USA hosts cruising Jalopnik got me thinking: are any of us actually famous people that we all know from pop culture? Just blending in, like any other car buff?

Think about it. Celebrities can't walk down the street without being hounded for autographs, selfies, conversations, and overt sexual offers. Being anonymous online would be a welcome relief for those celebs. Having normal chats on topics without having to deal with star-struck individuals. It would almost be a vacation to step back into the realm of normal life.

Two questions:

1. Are you famous? Don't answer with your name, but a "maybe" would suffice. I'll probably call you a liar, but that's the fun in this, right?


B. To the rest of you (us) peasants: which user would you THINK is actually famous? For example: "I think Diesel is actually Clay Walker."

Don't lie, famous people. To one's self be true.