Who can tell me how to get rid of Windows DRM on WMAs?

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I upgraded a friend’s XP system with a bigger HD and gave him my old BlackBerry 8110 to use as an MP3 player. He ripped his CD collection using the default settings in Windows Media Player, and now that music won’t play when transferred to the BB, citing DRM issues. I should have changed the default settings in WMP to MP3 avoid the WMA DRM problem, but that ship has sailed and is rounding the cape. It’s incredibly frustrating because it’s his music on his computer on his MP3 player, yet Windows and BlackBerry are treating him like a criminal.


I’d prefer not to have to re-rip the entire library. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a quick way, preferably free, to remove the DRM from all of his music? I’m looking for a solution that can be done automatically by preferably dumping the files into the program and letting it do its thing rather than having to handle each file individually, or worse, do the ‘playback and re-record in real time’ solution. Can someone recommend a program that will do what I want with a minimum of fuss?

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