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Who Daily's an Old Car?

Let’s say pre-1990 at the youngest. What, why, and for how long have you been doing so? What’s good about it, what’s bad about it?

The 1502 is currently in the shop to get a once-over that includes:

New plugs, wires, ignition points, rear drums, brake lines (yes all of them), and alternator bracket bushings. Obviously a brake flush and an oil change as well. They’re installing a few fuel line (outside the cabin), cleaning and tuning the carburetors, and installing my ANSA exhaust.


I’m hopefully picking it up this week and it’s going to be my dd unless the weather is really bad.

So I’m curious. Who else around here whips a classic? Even if it’s not truly your dd, if you drive it a few times a week I’ll count it.


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