Finally crossed the 1000 km mark on my Ninja today. I will send her in for service by people who know what they’re doing but meanwhile I wanted to swap the oil out on my own. NO BIG DEAL RIGHT??

It started off quite easy as the drain plug is accessible without removing any fairings. But the oil filter... well that’s a different story. The photo below is zoomed into the area indicated by the red square above.

The filter is mounted horizontally. As you can see, an oil filter wrench is required to get it off. To begin you have about 1" of space to actually rotate the wrench once it’s on the filter and secured. But getting it to budge required 30 mins of failed attempts (notice how scratched up the thing got in the process), lots of swearing, and even PB Blaster. Yes, PB Blaster on the oil filter did the trick. WHAT THE FUCK KAWI ENGINEERS?! Why make the filter so hard to reach and tighten it so only Zeus can get it off?


And once it’s loose be prepared to fashion a funnel out of newspaper or foil so that oil doesn’t drip down all over the bike. WTF.

Oh well. Replaced with a K&N filter that uses a typical socket at the top to tighten.


Also: still alive after 1000 km! And no tickets. Double win.