I have a friend who’s an incredibly crunchy-granola, down-to-earth hippy type. A self admitted huge nerd with a penchant for all things green and for despising all things fancy and wasteful, he is the sort of person who would keep a tiny little 1st generation Insight or something and only use it when he absolutely needed a car. Unfortunately, his parents are not crunchy granola people, and when his dad got a new car, he got stuck puttering around town in the old V8 LR3, identical to this one. This is a car which gets 12mpg around town if you’re gentle on the throttle, which he is. He hates it. Absolutely abhors it, never mind the fact that it has the capability to take him far into the wilderness to examine nature and do science-y things. Now, an LR3 is cool, but it’s not so awesome or rare that it’s some sort of huge loss. Who do you guys know (personally, anybody can come up with celebrities) who doesn’t know or care about the neat set of wheels they own?

I somehow imagine that this post is going to descend into a bunch of people bashing their rich ex-boss who drove an 911 Turbo just because it was expensive, but that’s a risk I’m prepared to take.