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Who Does This?

Take one perfectly fine Pagani Zonda > drink a lot of Sake > go to Japans equivalent of Halfords/Pepboys > this is the result.

This is why we cant have nice things.


Lead Pic - Lights are blanked off, running HIDs in the lower grille

1st Pic - Afterburner/Some Pokemon contraption

2nd Pic - Titanium? Inconel? Carbotanium? No its stainless steel

3rd Pic - Dat Wing, Dat Chrome - Bitches love....

Ive taken the relevant pics out the story, but its a must view just to see the weird and wonderful cars on show.


I actually like it when hypercars/supercars are modified, such as the Rauh Welt 911, but this is soooo bad

Pagani/Fiero link is here

Full story link is here

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