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As I have mentioned before, for the 2 of you who care/pay any attention, I have been looking for a vehicle that I can drive from Ohio to Virginia to visit my family. The last 2 miles are up a one-lane, gravel mountain pass, so I need a vehicle that I know can handle that in any weather.


I think I've narrowed my list down to a couple of vehicles:

Toyota Land Cruiser and 4Runner. I really like the idea of a super-reliable vehicle that I need not worry about. I already have an automotive Poodle (2002 SVT Focus) that needs constant attention.


I had considered the Saturn Vue with the 3.5L Honda V6 since I know that engine would run forever, but I am concerned with the less-robust nature of the Vue. My Dad had a Buick Rendezvous for a while and he popped a front shock through the strut tower on their road, so a more road-oriented unibody vehicle makes me nervous.

Any other ideas? I want at least 6 cylinders, no premium gas, ~16-18+ highway MPG, 4WD/AWD, 4 doors, and legendary reliability. Budget is ~$7k; and I do not want to have to deal with any timing assembly replacements or diff seals for at least a couple years after purchase.

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