It’s been horribly annoying because I’m trying to watch the all day live Barret-Jackson coverage while my dad is trying to simultaneously watch the all day live coverage of the Masters. Thank god we have two TVs for every person in the house, because my mother has called both of us “boring old men” twice now, and she keeps chasing me out of the family room with the 65'.

They’ve sold some pretty cool stuff:

William Shatner’s 2004 VW Phaeton W12, bonus points for being a lemon law buyback as of January 2006. Still somehow worth $27,900. Even with the world’s oily-est engine bay.

They also sold Bill’s 2002 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Volante V-12, seen here in a lovely champagne gold with dear captain Kirk at the helm.


This 90,000 mile S430 sold for $12,100. TWELVE THOUSAND AND ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS WITH NINETY THOUSAND MILES!!! Or, yours for $3,995 from your local buy-here-pay-here lot, probably has the same level of extra optional equipment too...


1968 Ferrari 330 GTC. Didn’t meet its reserve, but pretty nonetheless. Downright gorgeous, really.

1983 Ferrari 512 BBi. Oh my god, I don’t look at the listings before the auction, and when this thing came across the block...I needed a moment alone. These are just beyond awesome. Boxer 12, just like the Testarossa, this thing is beyond cool.