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Who else loves a little Karma? UPDATE Found a post referencing the insurance scam he pulled on a truck.

I sure as hell do. And this had been something coming for a long time to this particular “Youtuber.” I’m going to keep this as short as possible.

So lets just get right into the newest situation he got involved in, he live streams, and posts whatever illegal stuff he does on YouTube and facebook, and as a result ended up under arrest for a video where he allegedly drove at “185 MPH” in a Shelby GT350, which from what I know is his soon to be Ex wifes car, not his. Just from the short video above you can see why he isn’t generally well liked. I get it, we all do dumb shit, we all speed, we all mess around, but this is way beyond anything I think people feel is acceptable.


Well look at this, someone was arrested, and has previous felonies? And owns firearms, and called the police for a firearm stolen from his car? Jesus, real piece of work. Also trying to lie to the police about where he came from and where he was headed to. Meanwhile he has it recording and streaming, they could easily find it right then and there.


This is only the tip of the iceberg with him too, he has so much other stuff revolving around that I won’t get into here. A trip through his youtube channel is probably enough for most people. Even his Instagram is equally loaded with stuff. I’m glad this guy will hopefully be off the street for a while.

Okay, I had to do some digging for this, but Here is some more of the work this couple is.

Illustration for article titled Who else loves a little Karma? UPDATE Found a post referencing the insurance scam he pulled on a truck.

Basically someone found the truck running in a ditch, keys in it, and was allegedly stolen and the transmission blew. With how this guy generally behaves its likely he tried to pull a fast one on the insurance company and make some cash off them.

A similar thing happened with a Cobra he owned ( when I say he owned it, I mean his wife, because he isn’t the primary owner on any of his vehicles), but he posted the cobra for sale, and mysteriously 2 days later it was totaled. 

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